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Imaginary Sounds Mix 28: Essential Zappa: Phaze Two

By 1970, only 5 years into his musical career, Frank Zappa could have retired.

At this point he already had the output most great bands produce during their entire existence under his belt.

In a way he did retire. He retired the first part of his life; disbanning the original Mothers of Invention and leaving his record label. Always the workaholic, though, he immediately began the next stage.

Phaze Two would begin with a newly assembled Mothers of Invention and a whole new style inspired by the solo album he recorded, Hot Rats, during his time without a proper band. Hot Rats went a long way in pioneering the sound of the, then, infantile genre known as jazz-rock fusion, and this new set of Mothers would continue that pioneering attitude. Most of the new members came from a background in either jazz or progressive rock, which lended them particular talents that helped them pull off Zappa's increasingly complex arrangements. 

The lyrical content also developed overtly comical themes, as opposed to the tongue-in-cheek mocking and cynicism of earlier albums. Tracks like What Will This Evening Bring Me This Morning, Ms. Pinky, and others often focused on taboo sexual exploits and touring stories. The conspicuous humor would become the star of his career later on, but here it only serves as much needed comic relief to the most inspiring and technically creative rock music ever written, exemplified by songs like Florentine Pogen and Echidna's Arf (Of You). Even the more straightforward tracks, and there are those again with the doo-wop flair he loved so much, have the flourish of great depths in the pool of music theory. I'm letting you know now: the second half will, for lack of a better cliche, blow your mind. 

This is where many people find their fondness for Zappa, especially musicians themselves. He was always, as I've said, a musician's musician, but during this period he shows us how far you can take guitar based music with a little imagination and a lot of elbow grease. Please, if you didn't get the first release, Phaze One, check it out. If you want to start here, that's fine too. Just enjoy them and have fun.

1. Wind Up Workin’ In A Gas Station from Zoot Allures   
2. Magic Fingers from 200 Motels
3. St. Alfonzo’s Pancake Breakfast from Apostrophe       
4. Father O’Blivion from Apostrophe
5. Would You Go All The Way from Chunga's Revenge       
6. Disco Boy from Zoot Allures
7. Tell Me You Love Me from Chunga's Revenge               
8. Apostrophe from Apostrophe
9. Ms. Pinky from Zoot Allures                      
10. Florentine Pogen from One Size Fits All
11. Zomby Woof from Over-Nite Sensation
12. Dirty Love from Over-Nite Sensation
13. Let Me Take You To The Beach from Studio Tan
14. Daddy, Daddy, Daddy from 200 Motels
15. Cheepnis from Roxy & Elsewhere
16. Echidna’s Arf (Of You) from Roxy & Elsewhere
17. Inca Roads from One Size Fits All
18. Find Her Finer from Zoot Allures
19. Sofa from Zappa In New York
20. What Will This Evening Bring Me This Morning? from 200 Motels

These mixes are compiled by myself to promote good music only, NOT to take money away from these artists. Please support the artists you like. And to make it fair, I ask you to delete these files within 24 hours. 
btw, We're always curious to hear your feedback on mixes. Let us know what you think about this one, past mixes, or the site in general by leaving a comment. Please?


KiDG said...

Awesome! Thanks man!

KiDG said...

Appreciate you compiling this

BigBadBuddha said...

I've really been enjoying Phazes One and Two for the past several months....would Phazes Three and Four on the horizon? Many thanks!


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