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Imaginary Sounds Mix 22: It Took the Night to Believe feels good to be putting more content here. Like I've mentioned before this is my last semester so i've been working hard. Anyway, enjoy our newest mix collaboration!

Mix #22 is a collaboration between us and Anthony Fantano of Youtube Album Review Awesomeness and I've been a fan of TND for a while now and whilst looking for more collaborators and thinking we really need some metal up in this place, I decided to contact Anthony and he was up for it. Here's what he had to say about the compilation:

Hi, everyone. I'm Anthony Fantano. Some call me the Internet's Busiest Music Nerd, while others have much less flattering things to say. Whether you know me or don't know me is irrelevant, though. What's important is the musical style at hand in this mix: doom metal.
I've never met a genre of music I didn't like, but doom metal is a horse of a different color for me. This is because it connects on a very physical level, and I'm not talking about dancing, moshing, or even screwing. Some of the genre's heaviest hitters, like Sunn O))), have grown into outright internet jokes, but it's not surprising to see grim reaper robes and fog machines attract that kind of attention. Unless it's October 31st, It's hard not to question the intent of grown men in costume.
I don't blame anyone for disliking doom and its many variants; it's not for everyone. What I don't understand is the assumption there's something to "get" about this style of music--you know, the "too deep for you" mentality. The idea this is thinking man's music couldn't be further from the truth for me, and that is not a swing at the intelligence of your average doom fan. The point here is to create a large, looming sound. I don't know if it could get simpler than that. From my point of view, some of the music on this mix is so overwhelming, thinking is not an option.
This mix isn't a perfect or complete display of doom metal. It's just a few pieces of the puzzle, really. The groups range from some of the earliest doom acts--Trouble, Saint Vitus, Pentagram--to the bands who really built a name for doom in metal's underground during the 90s: Sleep, Electric Wizard, Earth. Of course some new essentials are on here as well.
It's not like modern doom just dropped into our laps. Music progressed to this point. It starts with stuff like early Black Sabbath and continues uninterrupted, getting a little heavier and a little louder with each new band. 

The Tracklist:
1. Ufoammut - Odio
2. Sleep - Dragonaut
3. Saint Vitus - Ice Monkey
4. TROUBLE - Bastards Will Pay
5. Pentagram - Review Your Choices
6. High on Fire - Blood from Zion
7. Electric Wizard - We Hate You
8. Torche - Hideaway
9. Jesu - Losing Streak
10. Boris - Akuma No Uta
11. Harvey Milk - Plastic Eggs
12. Earth - Geometry of Murder
13. Sunn O))) - Orthodox Caveman
These mixes are compiled by myself to promote good music only, NOT to take money away from these artists. Please support the artists you like. And to make it fair, I ask you to delete these files within 24 hours. 
btw, We're always curious to hear your feedback on mixes. Let us know what you think about this one, past mixes, or the site in general by leavin a comment. Please?

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Andrew said...

Great Mix!


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