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Imaginary Sounds Mix 23; Part 1: Radiohead - Society Page

If you've payed attention you may have noticed I'm a bit of a Radiohead fan. Maybe not your typical fanatic; (I do believe they can do wrong, and I don't think they're the most important band of our generation) their music does resonate with me in a way that no other band does. But this isn't about me. One of the great things about Radiohead is that they have an extensive collection of b-sides, and most of them are so good they make you wonder why they never showed up on the full-length albums they were recorded during. 

I recently came across a collection of all the Radiohead b-sides from over the years and realized that that if they were good enough to be on those albums, they could be made into albums themselves. So I took those B-sides and compiled them into 3 different collections by the era they came from and, like the only child nerd I am, I created a story for these albums. They are 3 albums (not b-sides at all) the band recorded, mastered, and finished and shelved due to problems and the fickle nature of the band (not unlike other famously unreleased lost albums like SMiLE or Get Back) only to be found, finished, and released years later. And that's the story from here on out. Yeah, I even made art for the covers. Deal wit it.

The first of these releases is Society Page,
originally released (accidentally) only in Japan in 1998, an album that showcases the true duality of Radiohead that could only previously be experienced in the gap between OK Computer and Kid A. Society Page (the name taken from lyrics in album highlight Trans-Atlantic Drawl) continues the band's own brand of pre-millennial societal commentary established in OK Computer. The album is split in half, using the binary theme of the cover to present the 1 to the other's 0. The first half takes a more sarcastic and upbeat view with rockers like opener Palo Alto and Pearly. We get our first introduction to the dense electronics that Radiohead would employ one album later with Side 1 closer Meeting in the Aisle. Side 2 is much more pessimistic and claustrophobic; featuring some of the band's most daringly weird songs like The Amazing Sounds of Orgy and Worrywort. Where Society Page is very similar to OK Computer in content, it's overall tone is very different. It's almost a greatest hits album of all the things the band had done before and after; touching every base to create an amazing collection of songs.

2. Polyethylene, Parts 1 & 2
3. Lull
4. Pearly
5. A Reminder
6. Cuttooth
7. Meeting in the Aisle
8. Melatonin
9. The Amazing Sounds of Orgy
10. Kinetic
11. Trans-Atlantic Drawl
12. Talk Show Host*
14. Fast Track
15. How I Made My Millions

*Some may wonder why I've included Talk Show Host on this album and why True Love Waits was not. Talk Show Host is sometimes considered a b-side for The Bends, but I've always felt it was more of an OK Computer era song, and was actually the first song recorded during the OK Computer sessions. I don't consider True Love Waits a b-side, only because it was included on the I Might Be Wrong live album, which I consider an official album release, as it's really not an EP. This is arguable, but hey, it's my mix.


annmargretfan said...

Love this comp. Thanks for sharing it

A-Mfan said...

Thanks for sharing these rare Radiohead tracks. Love this set.


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