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11 for 2011.

We're almost half-way through the year now. There's been lots of listening going on in my ears and I think it's 'bout time I shared my thoughts on my favorites so far. Here's 11 songs from 2011 albums I'm loving at the moment. Oh, there are mixes coming soon too. Promise.

The Antlers - Rolled Together from Burst Apart

I'm still on the fence with The Antler's 4th studio album Burst Apart but Rolled Apart is a definite highlight for me. It's subtle, leaving the dense emotions of the rest of the album behind, but it builds to a wonderful crescendo. I'm planning on writing a review for Burst Apart so I'll leave my critiques for that.

James Blake - The Wilhelm Scream from James Blake

James Blake's self-titled full length debut is the only album from this year so far that I'm absolutely positive will be on my end of the year top albums list. His sonic tinkering and self-depricating mantras are a real breath of fresh air since losing my obsession with recent electronica. The Wilhelm Scream is the first single from that album.

Destroyer - Savage Night at the Opera from Kaputt

I've said before that I have a thing for music that sounds chronologically ambiguous. I hear Roxy Music in here, Bowie, early Cure, Pet Shop Boys, everything that is not 2011, yet it doesn't come of as a gimmick because when it comes down to it, Dan Bejar has written an incredible song. Kaputt isn't my favorite album of 2011, but I can't ignore the smooth confidence of this song.

Akron/Family - Silly Bears from Akron/Family II

I'm not sure what happened to Akron/Family between this album and their last, but I'm glad it did. Akron/Family II is a incredibly eclectic mix of psychedelic playgrounds and chilled folk. Silly Bears is the opener to the album, and a hell of a summation of everything the album represents. There's something familiar here but it's so warped we don't even recognize it.

tUnE-yArDs - My Country from w h o k i l l

tUnE-yArDs is New England based musician Merrill Garbus who composes the entirety of the parts on w h o k i l l by herself. Garbus' voice, callous yet poignant, cuts right through her brand of fracture indie rock. w h o k i l l is a singular album with a truly original take on indie rock from a girl with a political and societal point of view. There will be nothing else in 2011 quite like this.
Gang Gang Dance - Mindkilla from Eye Contact

I wasn't crazy about the majority of Gang Gang Dance's explorative psychedelic electronica on Eye Contact. There's no doubt, though, that Mindkilla's avant dance club lasers will make you dance and hypnotize you at the same time. The video is highly recommended too. Hit the full-screen button, sit back, and fall in.

Burial/Four Tet/Thom Yorke - Mirror from Ego/Mirror 12''

Thom Yorke seems to be surrounding himself with his favorite musicians lately. It's an envious position to be in. The warm bass of Burial and the always organic samples of Four Tet mesh with Yorke's retrained falsetto wonderfully in Mirror, a definite grower, the better side of Ego/Mirror, and one of my favorite tracks of 2011.

Deerhoof - The Merry Barracks from Deerhoof vs. Evil

Deerhoof vs. Evil is without a doubt one of Deerhoof's best albums, and their catchiest as well. The Merry Barracks, my favorite cut from the album, is poppy while still carrying Deerhoof's characteristic cutesy charm and quirky attitude.

The Weeknd - Loft Music from House of Balloons

The Weeknd is quite the anomaly. House of Balloons getting most of it's credit from the Indie blogosphere, all of it surrounding pure silky smooth baby-making R&B. The singing here is impeccable. The song incredibly confident, an emotion not found anywhere near Indie music in years. Sure, the lyrics are a bit over the top, but there no doubt; this song is an anthem.

Panda Bear - Last Night at the Jetty from Tomboy

Panda Bear wasn't going to live up to your expecations with Tomboy. Admit it to yourself. The album is solid though, and Last Night at the Jetty is worth the admission alone. That deep bass sound pulls you along while the layers of sound mix with the cacophony of reverb transforming Noah Lennox's voice into pure blissful melody.

Elbow - The Birds from Build a Rocket Boys!

The Birds keeps me from worrying too much about Elbow. It seems they've been grasping for the magic they possessed in their first two albums. The Birds has the emotional depth and power of those early records. It starts slow, focusing on Guy Garvey's poetic musings and building into their own brand of understated British progressive rock. I still don't understand why people listen to Coldplay when Elbow is an option.


Anonymous said...

Link some samples or something you dumb mofo.

Hobosapien said...

Are you serious? Do you not see the youtube player in the post?

Anonymous said...

Nice list, I bookmarked this site

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget 'Smother' by Wild Beasts. Awesome shit.


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